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Does Idaho permit you to stand your ground in defense of harm?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Yes, Idaho lawmakers permit the use of force when defending oneself, but it is not typically referred to as a stand your ground law. However, the law works much like the stand your ground laws used in other states.

If Coeur d’Alene police officers arrested you on criminal charges (manslaughter, etc.) after using deadly force to defend yourself or your belongings, it is wise to learn more. Doing so could save you from a conviction on severe felony homicide or weapons charges.

What does the law permit?

The most recent update to Idaho self-defense laws occurred in 2018. Under the revised code, examples of when you may use force to defend yourself include the following.

  • When resisting a murder attempt, great bodily harm or the commission of a felony offense
  • When defending your home, property or self from another person
  • When attempting to defend others, including spouses, children and employees (servants), from imminent harm
  • When lawfully suppressing riotous activities and keeping or preserving peace

Before the 2018 code revisions, the legal code did not appear much different. One of the revisions now allows residents to use force when defending themselves in their occupied vehicles and places of work. In the previous version, defending yourself with force was only allowed on your property or in the home.

Even if you are sure your forceful actions are justifiable, you may still encounter legal trouble despite the current laws. It is wise to reach out for additional guidance when facing charges of assault, murder or homicide after using force to defend yourself or others. Learning more about state self-defense and weapons laws can also help you find a solution.