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Has your spouse been untruthful during your high-asset divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Divorce |

Going through a high-asset divorce is rough. If your spouse wants to be deceitful to get back at you, the process can be painful and drawn out. Nevertheless, there are some important things to keep in mind that may save your sanity, and ease you through the ordeal so you can confidently go forward with your life.

Remember this: If your soon-to-be ex lies in divorce court, that will not be taken lightly. It may constitute perjury, which is serious. Also, regardless of what they say or do or how outrageous it is, safeguard your dignity. Don’t get lured into their nasty gamesmanship. Shield your own integrity from the onslaught.

Marshal facts in your defense

There may be documents that undeniably refute ugly falsehoods your spouse spreads about you. They may include bank statements and tax returns. Use them to clear your name, if necessary.

If your ex makes flagrantly untrue statements about you

It’s hard not to respond similarly when someone vengeful lies about you shamelessly in a divorce. Even so, resist the urge to get down to their level. As one expert suggests, “[I]f your spouse devolves into name-calling or attacks your character, state calmly that you will not respond to those attacks.” Lashing out could hurt you in the long run.

Should you let fly against your ex on social media?

People unleash their emotions on social media all the time. If your ex becomes aware of what you said about them on a social media platform, they might retaliate. Share your thoughts and feelings in a more private way instead.

You will get through this

Hang onto your temper and be consistently straightforward and above board. You can emerge from this challenging experience unscathed.  A qualified professional who stands by you the entire way can be a valuable ally.