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Why might you want a temporary custody order during divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Divorce |

In scenarios where a divorce is likely to drag out for months or even years, there may be some issues that can’t wait. This is especially true for high-net-worth couples that have kids.

In such instances, temporary orders for child support, child custody and spousal support may be necessary. Understanding scenarios where you may specifically need a temporary custody order can help you shield your kids from the chaos that may accompany your divorce.

Stability for the children

Divorce can introduce a considerable amount of uncertainty into a child’s life. The emotional turmoil and changes in living arrangements can create instability. A temporary custody order may provide a sense of stability for children during the divorce process. This is because it establishes a routine and helps ensure that the children’s daily lives are minimally disrupted.

Courts often prioritize the best interests of the child when making custody decisions if parents can’t agree on terms without intervention. By obtaining a temporary custody order, you can demonstrate your commitment to maintaining stability for your children. This can be a compelling factor when the court assesses custody arrangements, potentially giving you an advantage.

Legal protection

Without a temporary custody order, both parents may have equal rights to the child. This can lead to disputes and disagreements on important matters such as schooling, healthcare and parenting time schedules. A temporary custody order clarifies by outlining specific rights and responsibilities, minimizing potential legal conflicts.

When divorcing couples fail to secure a temporary custody order, it can lead to prolonged legal battles over custody. This may not only add emotional stress but also incur significant legal expenses. Proactively addressing custody through a temporary order can reduce the likelihood of extended court battles, saving time and resources.

Obtaining a temporary custody order during divorce is a strategic move that can potentially benefit all parties involved. The potential advantages are numerous, from providing stability for the children to preventing legal conflicts and establishing a financial foundation. If you’re considering a divorce, think about securing your child’s well-being and your parental rights by taking proactive steps in obtaining a temporary custody order.