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Experience Is The Best Defense

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Are You Overwhelmed By A Sexual Assault Allegation?

Right now, you likely have a slew of questions, such as whether you are going to jail or will be on a sex offender registry. Perhaps even more simply, you are wondering if anyone will believe that you are innocent.

At Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLLC, our attorneys commit to protecting our clients’ rights in court and throughout criminal investigations. The law is not about belief; it is about proof, and we make prosecutors and law enforcement stick to that standard. Do not wait for the police to offer you a phone call. Demand that an attorney be present at every step; call 866-958-9512.

Why Sexual Assault Charges Are Notoriously Complex

At its core, sexual assault and other sex crimes are primarily about consent, meaning that the prosecution will need to show that your actions violated the alleged victim’s wishes for their body. Alcohol, drugs and violence can all impact whether someone can give consent. Unfortunately, these cases are almost always a matter of who juries believe because most sexual encounters happen in private. We work to take belief out of the equation so that proof is all that matters.

Our attorneys work diligently to create a defense that clearly shows weaknesses, holes and contradictions in the prosecution’s case. We draw on over 80 years of combined legal experience to create the strongest possible defense for your case.

Do Not Let One Mistaken Night Ruin Your Future

Before you say anything to the police, exercise your right to an attorney. Your next step matters: Make it count by working with Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLLC.