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Preserve Your Relationship With Your Child As They Grow

Parenting is the most demanding job any person will ever have, and parenting while divorced can add additional complications that you did not expect and are not prepared for. If you and your co-parent are unmarried, a parenting plan and custody agreement should be a priority; we work to ensure that agreement prioritizes your rights.

At Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLLC, we take your responsibilities and rights as a parent as seriously as you do, and we use our more than 80 years of combined experience to help you be an active part of your child’s life. For a personal, in-person consultation with one of our attorneys, send us an email today.

Create An Environment For Your Family To Thrive

Child psychologists and the courts agree that children should have a stable, supportive environment, ideally with both parents present in their lives. The law can make this a difficult goal, especially if you and your co-parent are at odds. Our firm helps:

  • Create reliable, consistent parenting schedules so that you know where your child is, whose care they are under and how to best plan your life
  • Establish your right to have a say in your child’s education, health and well-being
  • Negotiate fair child support agreements that support your child and respect your budget
  • Clearly resolve paternity issues for both those seeking support and those contesting paternity

Get the benefit of over 80 years of legal experience and customized legal care for all of your family’s legal needs.

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