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Every Child Deserves A Loving Home

In many situations, Idaho courts must consider the care and well-being of minor children who cannot rely on biological or adoptive parents. Often, the courts must appoint a guardian who will care for the child.

At Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLLC, our Coeur d’Alene guardianship attorneys have extensive experience in the full range of family law matters. Often, children must have a guardian authorize medical care, enroll them in school and make financial decisions regarding an inheritance or substantial monetary gift.

If you have questions regarding guardianship or child adoption, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our firm. If the child has lost biological parents or the biological parents have been deemed financially, emotionally or mentally incapable of caring for the minor child, we can help guide you through this process.

Helping New Families Get Started Through Adoption

Both attorneys and judges find adoption the most positive aspect of family law. The ability to bring loving parents together with children in need is a rewarding experience. This process, however, is not without its challenges. If you are considering stepparent adoption, private adoption, third-party adoption or international adoption, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with a lawyer at our firm today.

After thoroughly investigating your case, we can provide an honest assessment of the obstacles you might face through the legal process. For example, a stepparent adoption can often be derailed by a biological parent who refuses to sign a termination of parental rights. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience navigating through delicate, emotional issues. Let us guide you through this process as well.

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You receive full access to our Coeur d’Alene guardianship attorneys throughout your case. We want to be available to address your sudden concerns and questions at all times. Call or email us today.

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