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Holding Irresponsible Animal Owners Accountable

Dog bites can leave lasting physical and emotional scars. It is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney to guide you through the legal process of monetary compensation.

If you or a loved one was injured in an animal attack, we encourage you to contact the Coeur d’Alene dog bite lawyers at Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLLC. With the help of a plastic surgeon, you might be able to erase the physical scars of the attack. Unfortunately, the injuries typically go deeper than that. Many victims of a dog attack live with the psychological and emotional trauma for years. It is our goal to recover the maximum monetary compensation possible in your unique situation to pay for medical bills, pain and suffering, and any lost wages.

Recovery Is Not Limited To Only Bites

Individuals can be injured by animals in more than one way, including:

  • Bites
  • Scratches
  • Being knocked down

These attacks can lead to scarring, infection, multiple lacerations and even broken bones. Unfortunately, countless children are injured each year by dog attacks. Due to their small size and young musculature, children can suffer significant, devastating injuries in an animal attack. Contact our firm to learn more about your options for monetary compensation.

Recovery Doesn’t Have To Happen Alone

Call 866-958-9512, toll free. You can also contact our Coeur d’Alene dog bite lawyers by fax or email. If your serious personal injury has limited your travel and prevents you from coming to us, we can arrange to come to you.