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Your Washington weed could lead to federal drug charges

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Federal Crimes |

Living in Idaho if you enjoy marijuana could be very frustrating. After all, there are multiple nearby states with different laws and even retail dispensaries selling marijuana to adults. 

Being so close to states that have legalized the substance while your own state still enforces harsh prohibition laws can seem very unfair. Especially if you or a family member rely on marijuana for medical purposes, the current laws in Idaho may frustrate you. 

Some people might think that there is no harm in going for a drive on the weekend across state lines to buy some marijuana at a dispensary in Washington, Nevada or Oregon. They may think the marijuana they buy is legal. It is not illegal for you to purchase or use marijuana in those states, but it is illegal for you to bring it back to Idaho. In fact, you could potentially face federal charges. 

Interstate transport could lead to federal charges

Technically, you violate Idaho state law by possessing or using marijuana here. However, the act of purchasing marijuana in another state and then transporting it across state lines into Idaho is a federal concern. 

Your actions involved interstate commerce and violate federal law — in addition to breaking state laws. You could find yourself charged with a federal drug crime, especially if you get stopped at the border or reported to federal law enforcement agencies. While marijuana legalization has spread in many places, Idaho has been slow to change its policies. You must understand the laws as they are to avoid breaking them. 

Understanding when mistakes with marijuana might lead to federal drug charges can help you protect yourself from serious criminal allegations.