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How to let your spouse know you want a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Divorce |

Have you recently noticed that your marriage is not what it used to be? Even if you thought it would last forever, things and people change. 

If you have decided it is time to end your marriage, having this conversation with your spouse can be hard. While you can wait for the divorce petition to be sent to them, you still have to discuss the future – especially if children are involved. 

Sometimes, this conversation can be emotionally charged. While this is true, there are some tips to help you have this challenging conversation:

Have the discussion in private

It is best to have a conversation about divorce at a time when you and your spouse are alone. Your children should not be around, and there should be no rush or upcoming appointments. As mentioned, this can be an emotional conversation to have. 

Avoid blaming them for the situation

If you attack your spouse when you are discussing divorce, they will become defensive (in most cases). This can be the start of a difficult divorce process. 

A better approach is to stick to the facts rather than accusing them of anything. Let your spouse know why you want to end your marriage and why you do not see any alternatives to this decision. Stay calm, even if your spouse gets emotional. This is the best way to avoid escalating the situation. 

Knowing your legal rights in a divorce

Once you let your spouse know your intentions, it is time to learn the filing process and your legal rights. Remember, divorcing someone can be challenging and take time. Your life will change and knowing the legal aspect of this will pay off.